Trauma, But Make It Funny – Episode 2: Max and the Shadow


Trauma is something we all know. It comes in different shapes and sizes. We have either experienced it or know someone who has. Trauma also comes in emotional forms. Words have an impact on a lot of people in different ways. Among the hardest hit groups of people that words affect are those that want to come out about their sexuality to friends and family. Suicide is far too often their way of dealing with it.

Back in the day, it was really not easy for people to come out, but nowadays, it is still hard in a lot of cases; however, it is getting better and progress is being made and that is great because so many kids, and adults, make the decision that it is easier to end their life instead of suffering all the horrible bullshit or the bullshit they feel would be thrust upon them because of their coming out.  Seriously, love who you love, and to hell with those wannabe judges. These millennials are getting somethings correct.

Summary from the podcast:

In Episode 2: Max and the Shadow of the podcast Trauma, But Make It Funny, Bri welcomes a soon to be fan favorite, Max, with who Bri has been friends for over ten years. That’s a wild amount of years. Also, Zoom audio is eh. Sorry folks! Anyway, Max and Bri talk about middle child syndrome, living up to parents’ expectations, and Max tells his insanely wild (and insanely traumatic) coming out story.

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Brianna​, founder of Trauma, But Make It Funny has experienced trauma first hand. Even though she faced it head on, she found that humor helped her deal with it, but more importantly helped her friends and family deal with it as well.  Despite the name, the Trauma, But Make It Funny podcast is not a stand up comedy rant. In her own words…“Sometimes if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Trauma, But Make It Funny is a podcast about real people, real trauma, and how sometimes laughing is the best way to get through it”