What is going on…

Living With Autoimmune Encephalitis blog is partially offline till further notice as I finish review of allegations presented to me via email about the LWAE website. Some parts of LWAE are back online as they were not involved in the complaint.

I received an email from an organization (aka the complainant), that also helps raise awareness with autoimmune encephalitis and that I have worked with in the past. In the email, they are alleging that I mirrored some of their menu structures, named some of my pages similarly at the file level, and that I have plagiarized some content from their site and another autoimmune encephalitis organization. So, I immediately took down the entire site, including email, to review the items in question, compare them, and change them if necessary in order to satisfy their allegations in order to end this so I can get back to curating and making articles for LWAE to help others with autoimmune encephalitis and whoever reads it. Also, from previous discussions when I was a member of the organization, I know I am not the first they have tried to stop from existing nor probably will I be the last they will try to stop from existing.

Apologies for the inconvenience experienced by those that were being helped by the site. I am suggesting and redirecting anyone that has contacted me for help or that does contact me for help to either two great organizations which are the Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance in the United States or The Encephalitis Society in the United Kingdom.

Among their claims, they allege that I also plagiarized content from another organization that also focuses on autoimmune encephalitis. This other organization is much larger, more organized, and better run. The complainant has ridiculed and condoned this other organization to me and other’s privately and personally in the past when I was part of their complainant’s organization. To nullify these requests, I rewrote the content in question again and changed file names and menu labels. As I was informed by external resources, I did not have to do this as there wasn’t any plagiarized content and one can understand that all websites that have content on similar topics are bound to have some similar wording for menu labels, file names or when using technical facts in the public domain, and used by many doctors in their papers. Any similarities between LWAE and the complainant’s website were purely coincidental and not intentional. However, I changed what was questioned to see if this satisfies their complaint or if there will be new issues to prove if claims are legitimate or of a bullying nature.I will provide to you the details of my participation with the complainant’s organization and how and why the complainant and I parted ways if further clarification is required for this matter.

Ironically, as I reviewed the parts of LWAE that were in question to the content they referred to as being plagiarized on their site and the other organization’s site, I found that the complainant’s site has some similar menu structures and actually plagiarized content from a few websites. So, in the nature of helping them because they did help me early on in my illness, I have offered any assistance they wanted with correcting this such as providing screenshots or whatever I can do to help aid in the effort.

It’s a shame that when some organizations lose their focus and members due to non existent policies and questionable practices that they then try to belittle and destroy other organizations which they feel threatened by for some reason even though we are all trying to promote the same awareness.

Living With Autoimmune Encephalitis is partially back and will be replaced as the pieces are found to be clear of complaint with the continuation of my internal review as well as the aide of other companies to help with our validation and other legal matters if required.