Proud And Stubborn

we may have been strong and fiercely independent…never asking for help but always offering..usually to those as stubborn as we are…
then something happens to ya like an illness…and

you have to come to grips with depending on someone else. some fight it still and some cant but do so internally.

then you start to get better and more independent. feel like you that strong fiercely independent person you were but then find you arent quite there and will probably never will be.

that is the time you realize what your friends did for you and those that still do. some still around and others gone for whatever reason. then you realize that asking for help is not a sign of weakness and being offered help was not out of pity.
it was out of love. sometimes we all need a friend or friends to lean on.

to all those that have helped me…maybe you will see this or not but till i can thank you in person, i am forever grateful for always making a spot for me at celebrations, helping me get around, checked in on me no matter where you were, and all the other stuff i may have forgotten (not on purpose meh).

to everyone…whatever you are going through…do not hesistate to ask for help nor be too proud to accept it. those offering are not looking for anything in return. it is not a pride thing. its a love thing.

all the best to you and keep moving forward…